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Dear Customer , welcome to our website , if you are reading these lines , it is because you want to know who and ' Information Technology Used by Outlet shopping srl.s
1 . There is a group of people who ' do for years, but above all they have always ' done e-commerce ' , in Italy and abroad.
2 . There are so many companies , manufacturers and distributors , selected by the team in the years to give you the best, at least .
3 . Our products are used and refurbished end lease, the primary acqusiati aziede European and American .
The objectives of Outlet Shopping are very simple and very difficult to achieve :
• To provide a wide range of quality products from which to choose the most suitable for you ;
• assist and help (if needed) in the evaluation of the products;
• Send you quickly at home or at your office products purchased
• Keep you informed on the status of the order is made;
• support you promptly in case of problems with the products ;
For any questions you may have about purchasing that you want to make contact , one of our consultants will be at your complete disposal to better meet any your request.
If you're ready to choose your product , please refer to our catalog or use the search service and if you do not find what you are looking for , please contact us , we will check for you about the availability and price.
Thank you for visiting our site, and for the time you have to dedicate to this small presentation and we look forward to having you among our customers , but above all to make you make a purchase safe , peaceful and fully satisfying !

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